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Our Team

Our teachers are experienced, office managers, broker-associates that are licensed by the Real Estate Commission to teach our approved real estate courses.


Barbara was instrumental in the development and facilitation of  Patrick Parker Academy, along with our company's founder and owner Patrick Parker.

With over 20 years of experience as  a very successful Broker Associate,  having closed over 600 transactions.  Barbara has applied her knowledge and experience in developing a very effective instructional program for new students interested in pursuing real estate and  licensed agents who are interested in Continuing Educational classes.

As a seasoned Agent Barbara brings a wealth of experiences to the platform as an instructor.  She excels in her profession as well as her practical coaching and training techniques.  Barbara's style as well as her skills will successfully navigate challenges and opportunity for the aspiring students of Patrick Parker Academy.

Our School's goal is to give our students the training that will benefit  in their career pursuit in  the field of real estate.

Barbara A. Greely,


Broker Associate